What are the Best Apps Sports Bettors Must Try Out?

Written by Steve - Updated 2022-11-08

best sports betting apps

Betting has grown in popularity rather significantly in the 21 st century. Though the practice has alwaysbeen hugely popular, starting in the early 2000s, the amount of people interested has only increased. Inlarge part, the reason for the surge in bettors has to do with the availability of sports and the technologythat makes it easier to watch and bet on games.

Speaking of technology, the sports industry has thrived thanks to certain technological advancements.Most notably, the smartphone has helped sports significantly. With the addition of some fantastic appsto the Apple and Google Play stores, a lot more people are now joining the world of sports and learningmore about it. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best apps that any sportsbettors should try out.

Sports Betting Sites/Apps

First and foremost, all sports bettors should look for a way to place their wagers. Land-based bookiesare always an option. However, in 2022, most bettors prefer to do their sports betting online. Hence theexistence of websites like https://www.betstation.com/sports-betting-sites/, where you can find someof the best online sportsbooks available right now. Many of the featured sites have the option for amobile app, and the ones that don’t can still be accessed through a variety of electronic devices,including PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Official Sports Organization Apps

Next on our list are the numerous sports organization apps available at both the Google and Applestores. Apps like the official NFL or FIFA app are great for anyone looking to keep up with all of the latestand most important news regarding matches held under the auspice of those organizations. So, if youare interested in specific sports, then definitely check out the apps dedicated to that sport. You will notbe disappointed.


If your interests are broader than only a single sport, the best you can do is get a news app dedicated tothe sports industry in general. We list ESPN as an example, however, it can be an app of any newschannel dedicated to sport. The apps lead to all of the same articles and videos that are featured on theofficial website of the sports channel. So, if you have a broad interest in sports, this should definitely beyour pick.

Official Apps of Sports Teams

Finally, if you are only interested in a specific team, the best option is to get the official app dedicated tothat team. For example, the Manchester United Official Appis hugely popular, with almost half-a-milliondownloads and a very positive rating. On apps like these you will find stats, lists of players, interestingarticles, and all of the latest news about the team you are interested in.The best part about it is, that some of these apps can even function as a radio. What we mean by that isthat these websites often feature a live commentary for the latest matches. Meaning that, even if youcan’t be home to watch a game, you can always follow it with a simple click on your phone.